Recipe for a cup of health made with OZEN Vacuum Blender


Healthy snack for our children
Refresh juice recipe

Prevention of skin aging


Banana prevents binge eating and it is effective to reduce swelling of the body because it is rich in potassium. In addition, walnuts make the brain healthy and prevent constipation.
Enhancement of immune system

Orange Banana cinnamon juice

Orange has excellent anti-oxidant functions, enhances the immune system and helps skin care. In addition, banana is effective to reduce swelling of the body and helps to prevent constipation because it is rich in potassium.
Improvement in vision

Blueberry Vanilla Smoothie

Because blueberry contains anthocyanin and pterostilbene, it has excellent anti-oxidant functions and reduces cholesterol levels. In addition, it greatly helps prevent aging and improve vision.
Recovery from fatigue

Fresh fruit ice cream

Strawberry and kiwi are good for skin care. Melon is very effective in recovery from fatigue and anti-cancer activities.


Well-being juice recipe 
for health of our family

Prevention of cancer

Tomato celery juice

Tomato protects cells by discharging free radicals which cause aging and it is effective in cancer prevention. In addition, celery promotes blood circulation and lowers blood pressure.
Prevention of Ulcer

Cabbage pear juice

Cabbage is very effective in protection of the stomach. It also promotes restoration of the gastric wall and prevents ulcer. As it contains ingredients to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and to enhance anti-oxidant activities, it is very effective to prevent cancer. In addition, pear relieves coughs and cures a hangover.
Protection of cells

Detoxification juice

As Tomato discharges free radicals, it is effective to protect cells and to prevent cancer. In addition, as carrot enhances anti-oxidant activities, it can prevent heart diseases. Cabbage protects the stomach. As broccoli is rich in dietary fibers, it relieves constipation.
Enhancement of immune system

Kale apple juice

As Kale is rich in beta-carotene, it has very excellent anti-oxidant and anti-cancer effects. In addition, apple is rich in vitamin C, it strengthens the immune system and it reduces risk factors for heart diseases. It helps prevent liver and breast cancers.


Beauty juice recipe 
for beautiful me

Prevention of skin aging

Broccoli pineapple juice

Broccoli delays signs of skin aging and prevents constipation. In addition, as pineapple has proteolytic enzymes, it helps digestion and relieves blood clots and inflammation. It is also effective in prevention of allergy.

Tangerine paprika juice

As Tangerine is rich in vitamin C, it has high anti-oxidant effects and strengthens the immune system. Thus, it is effective in skin care. In addition, paprika is very high in vitamins and lycopene removes free radicals. Thus, it is very effective in anti-oxidant functions.
Reduction of swelling

Nutrition juice

As apple is rich in vitamins, it strengthens the immune system and reduces obesity. It also prevents liver and breast cancers. In addition, banana is effective to reduce swelling in the body. Sweet potato prevents hyperlipidemia, hypertension and colon cancer.
Skin care

Asparagus kiwi juice

As Asparagus is rich in aspartic acids, it relieves a hangover and improves anemia. In addition, kiwi is good for skin and beauty and it helps prevent diabetes and hyperlipidemia.