2016 - OZEN

We would like to introduce the new and healthiest way to drink nature.


With vacuum blending, we can preserve nutrition of nature as it is.


With the fine grinding function, even dietary fibers are transformed into soft texture


As it is stored in a vacuum, it will remain fresh the next day, and the day after next day

Natural nutrition preserved in a vacuum

The oxidation prevention system of OZEN preserves natural nutrients by preventing the oxidation of materials caused by contact with air during the blending process. From now on, purify your body with anti-oxidant juice instead of oxidized juice containing destroyed nutrients.

A variety of materials such as seeds, roots or stems can be used !

Because a high-performance motor of OZEN and six blades make tough and hard materials soft, you can easily drink them. As even dietary fibers can become soft, you can drink fruit/ vegetable juice which is good to your body without wasting any part.

With a vacuum, it can be kept fresh for a longer time.

So far, it has been known that we cannot feel the freshness of materials unless we drink it immediately after it is made. However, because raw materials can be kept fresh for a long time under vacuum conditions, we can skip the hassle to drink it immediately after making it little by little.

For beloved people Recipe for a cup of health made with Ozen

Husband going to work early morning, son preparing for exam, wife worrying about diet For the health of beloved people around you Please make a cup of health filled with nutrition of nature by using OZEN
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