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What is Vacuum Blender? 

A Built in Vacuum Technology which remove air out of the blender's jug before blending

Dietary fiber



“Just Original” Vacuumed, Blended and Enjoy the Original taste


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Specialties of Vacuum Blending

“Just Original” Vacuumed, Blended and Enjoy the Original taste  

Easy + Tasty + Healthy

Easy to Clean

Anti Oxidation System

Fine Grinding Function

Fresh Storage Solution

Dual Safety Locking System

1. Nutrients are kept intact even after high speed blending

(Comparative tests of our general and vacuum blending)

2. Benefits of Vacuum Blending?

It is the latest technology to keep the original freshness of vegetables and fruits by creating a vacuum condition inside the blending container. Beverages made by vacuum blender minimize oxidation/ browning phenomenon and have significantly less bubbles as air is been removed before blending hence the texture are smooth for consumption.

Strawberry + Ice

More vivid color

OZEN Vacuum Blender keeps fresh colour and retains nutrition in the juice without any bubbles by blending vegetables or fruits in a vacuum without air. If you are blending fruits by using a general blender, bubbles are formed by contact with air and color becomes lighter. Oxidation and discoloration begin.
Kale + Honey + Water

Enjoy “Original” Taste

Because layers are not separated when materials are blended under a vacuum without air in OZEN, clean taste is kept without changes over time. In beverages made in general blending, air bubbles are attached to fibers of vegetables or fruits and thus layers are more easily separated.
Apple + Water

Smooth Texture even with the dietary fibers

OZEN Vacuum Blender grinds dietary fibers of fruits and vegetables, resulting in smooth juices and enriched with dietary fibers. It is healthy fruit/ vegetable juice. Please drink it without discarding any parts. Because of rough texture, the juice is filtered out. However, from now on, you can easily drink even dietary fibers of fruits/ vegetables through sophisticated vacuum blending.

Why is OZEN Vacuum Blender Special?


•Dietary Fibers 
•Maximum Nutrients

Prolonged Freshness

OZEN Vacuum Blender provide addition vacuum storage that ease your concern.

3. Comparison of Juice Extractor, Ozen Vacuum Blender and a Normal Blender

Juice Extractor OZEN Vacuum Blender Normal Blender
Nutrients Not many nutrients are destroyed at low speed rotation. However, peel containing a large concentration of nutrients is removed. It blended after been vacuumed which minimizes destruction of nutrients compare to a normal blender. As such, it prevent the food ingredients from being oxidised. It could destroy more nutrients compared to the juice extractor
Texture Purely juice content after the pulp has been fully removed from the ingredients Original ingredients with a soft and smooth texture without losing any of its nutrients Likely to have grainy texture
Washing It consists of several components, to have it clean up is already an hassle. Easy and Fast. No complicated component and all area are reachable for cleaning. Most of them cannot removed the blade to have it clean up. It could be a potential hazard.
Rotating and using time Due to low speed rotation, it takes a long time to extract juice. With powerful hexa blades and high-output motor, various ingredients are blended in the optimal condition. 1 minute vacuum and the other 1 minute Blending. It grinds materials rapidly by using a high speed motor.
Directions and purpose of use Due to its nature, it is restricted to be used for juice extraction only. Not just smoothie, frozen drink, juices and many more. OZEN Vacuum Blender provide container that can be used to store and keep your food fresh for a long timespan. Various foods and beverages can be made.


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OZEN Vacuum Blender Operating Tips

1. Easy-to-operate with just ONE CLICK FUNCTION

Vacuum and blending is automatically operated by pressing a button once. If necessary, it can be operated manually.

Auto Function

ONE CLICK FUNCTION is an AUTO feature that OZEN Vacuum Blender has. It has been programmed in such an easy way which included 1 minute vacuum and 1 minute blending. Just a quick 2 minute combined programme and there you are ready to enjoy your smoothie.

Manual Function

When you want to blend or grind at your preferred timescale, you can chose to operate the OZEN Vacuum Blender in a Manual way. 
1)    Press the Vacuum button 
2)    Proceed with Push button to have the Pulse motion 
3)    Follow by Dialing the Speed Control Dial and rotating the button in clockwise.

OZEN Vacuum Blender Simple and 
Easy Cleaning Process

2. With simple and easy dismantling process, OZEN Vacuum Blender can be clean up without any blind or block area.

OZEN Vacuum Blender used tritan materials (BPA-free) which are hygiene, reliable and of high quality. 
 Worries free of shattering, discolouring and odour.


Take a vacuum container (grinding container) to be cleaned.


Disassemble a subsidiary container (secondary container) from the secondary container base.


After matching a protrusion part of the disassembled subsidiary container (secondary container) base to a groove part of the bottom of vacuum container (grinding container), dissemble a blade body by rotating it counterclockwise.


Please use the clean blender for foods/ beverages for our family by thoroughly washing the vacuum container

3. Your way to a Healthy Life!

Be it juices or smoothies, even healthy cooking recipes, OZEN Vacuum Blender delivered it all to you.

Source – (For Book Publisher) Maeil Han Byung (Everyday one bottle)                               


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3. Series of OZEN Vacuum Blender

OZEN Vacuum Blender 
HAF-HB300SV (Silver)

OZEN Vacuum Blender 
HAF-HB300RE (Red)